here you can find some recipes made with the european anchovies from Anferjo. We hope you enjoy them.

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RECETAS ANFERJO - 46_recetas_anferjo_rnatural
Natural anchovies (Recipe)

Serve from the tin, with the product’s garlic and parsley, on a suitably sized plate. Serving...

RECETAS ANFERJO - 40_recetas_anferjo_rbanderi
Anchovies on cocktail sticks (Recipe)

Pass a cocktail stick through one end of a European anchovy, followed by an olive and then the...

RECETAS ANFERJO - 45_recetas_anferjo_revasca
Anchovies basque style (Recipe)

Prepare finely chopped spring onions and raw green and red peppers in a deep bowl with some...

RECETAS ANFERJO - 43_recetas_anferjo_repato
Anchovies with bread and tomato (Recipe)

Put some tomato on a toasted slice of bread. Place the European Anchovies on it and pour a bit...

RECETAS ANFERJO - 44_recetas_anferjo_repiqullo
Anchovies with raw red "piquillo" pepper (Recipe)

Cut the peppers into strips and place a European anchovy on each. Place each pepper and anchovy...

RECETAS ANFERJO - 41_recetas_anferjo_rensalada1
Anchovies in salads (Recipe)

European anchovies can be added to any type of salad prepared with your favourite ingredients,...

European anchovy + Anchovy: "Matrimonio" (Recipe)

Pass a cocktail stick through an Anferjo European anchovy, followed by an anchovy and serve.

Marinated european anchovies (Recipe)

Recipe for preparing marinated european anchovies from Anferjo.

"Marinera" European anchovies (Recipe)

Recipe for preparing "marinera" european anchovies from Anferjo.